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Interested in a House Concert?

To book Ten Dollar Pony for a house concert:

Larry Nair

Liza Beth Oliveto

    What is a House Concert?

The basic idea is that you get friends together at your house for the experience of seeing an artist or band in an extremely intimate venue. By hosting, you are supporting the arts and keeping the troubadour tradition alive and well.

    How Do I Host a House Concert?

It’s relatively easy! Just invite 20-40 friends, family, neighbors to a concert at your home. Gather chairs, patio furniture, or ask your guests to bring a camp chair with them. Arrange the seating in concert style. Cozy is good! For the most intimate atmosphere, arrange the seating inside, where we can play truly unplugged with no amplification whatsoever. Alternatively if there’s not enough room inside, we can play on the back porch or in the back yard with light amplification.

    How Much Does It Cost?

Typically the host assigns someone to the door to collect $20/person or simply place a jar in a high traffic area with a sign that reads:

$ 20 Suggested Donation
All proceeds go to the musicians

It is important to let your guests know ahead of time that a donation is suggested. If you don’t want to charge your friends, you can negotiate a flat fee with the artist. Also let your friends know that CDs and download stickers will be available to remember the special evening.

    How Long Does the Concert Last?

Normally, we play a 45 minute set. Then we take a break to enjoy refreshments or dinner if that’s on the agenda and sell CDs. Then we’ll come back and play another 1/2 hour.

Other ideas for the concert include combining it with dinner, dessert or brunch instead of dinner, a pot luck if you don’t want to cook, wine tasting, or pot luck wine tasting. It’s really only limited by your imagination.